Education / Training Partner



OMNIMax has developed along with our e-learning & e-training partner Knowledge Network India the OMNIMax-KNI Learning Management System (LMS) focusing on the e-learning/training needs of the Financial Planning Space in the Banking & Financial Services Industry.  
Our LMS is used to plan, design and deploy an e-learning process that facilitates a candidate to use interactive features such as
  • Registration
  • E-content
  • Tests
  • Discussion forum
  • Chat facility
  • Audio/video lectures etc.
It provides an administrator with a way to create and deliver content, monitor and track student progress and performance. All contents and LMS are developed & can be custom-designed by us to suit the customer requirement.
Another important feature of OMNIMax-KNI LMS is that it covers the contents on the e-tutorials as to how to use OMNIMax software platform only for the BFSI clients who have already bought the software. This module is known as Software Based Financial Planning.
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