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 "We were referred Omnimax software by a very trusted veteran in the financial planning space. Since our company is primarily into life-stage financial planning for armed forces officers, who face very trying physical, psychological and financial conditions in their life, we just couldn't afford to go wrong with our basic building blocks. Now, after months of using the same for all kinds of financial profilings, we can confidently say that it fully meets all our requirements. We are very happy not only with the facilities and the interface of the software, but also with the way the Omnimax team works to constantly improve the same all the time. We recommend it to anybody who is serious about their financial planning business and wishes to give their clients a solid 360 degrees view of their present and future finances."


Col (Retd) Sanjeev Govila, CEO, Hum Fauji Initiatives

“When I set up my Financial Planning practice in the year 2007 under the banner of Optima Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd, among other aspects where I was seeking guidance for, identifying the right technology for my practice was my top most priority. Luckily one of my friend introduced me to Omnimax. Mr Nitin was kind enough to fly down to Chennai to give me a personal demo and a trail period offer. On complete navigation of the software, I was amazed with the plan writing capability and the elegant report generating style. This is one software which integrates all the essential features viz. CRM, Planning writing and Portfolio maintenance, required for Financial Planning practice. The user friendly aspect and the comprehensive feature of the software is a result of several years of R&D and practical knowledge of the Founder. I would strongly recommend Omnimax for any Financial Planner who is keen to start off and build a successful practice.”

A P Vasudevan, CFP, Optima Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai

 "We as an education provider are using this software regularly and found that Omnimax is the best software for the Financial Planner. Students learnt a lot by this software,Now they are making plan with best option (basically need analysis).They are using it efficiently according to the risk appetite of the client. Its demo plan is really very good to teach the students.Moreover there are number of options for making plan.Therefore we prefer and suggest to Financial Planner as well as to the students for the use of this software."

Neelkamal Bhardwaj, Head Operations, BIFM, New Delhi

WebSite: www.bifm.edu.in

 “I am an initial user of OMNIMax and am still getting a hang of what all I can get from the software. It certainly is a helpful tool for all those who make goal-based financial plans for their clients. I would recommend it to all those who are keen on making a proper and systematic presentation of a financial plan to their clients.”

Manish Jain, CFPCM , Gurgaon

Website: www.knowledgepartners.in 

Using Omnimax has been a delightful experience, it is probably one of the very few systems that integrates financial planning, portfolio reporting, client data collection, portfolio review, even client interaction journals, client documentation,invoicing all in one place. The best part is that the tech support promptly answers all queries. The planners time is devoted to meeting clients and planning instead of running ten different processes.

S.Shankar, Sr. Advisor & Partner, Credo Capital, Chennai

 I stumbled upon Omnimax Software about 18 months back while surfing the internet for quality software for financial planning. The marketing personnel were very helpful in our understanding of the software and were ever ready to clarify any doubts we had on its usage. The team at Omnimax is open to any changes and suggestions from users of the software and is always available to sort out any difficulties that may arise. This has been truly reflected in its latest beta version when a lot of suggestions from fellow planners were incorporated by them during its developmental stage. I wish Omnimax the very best in its endeavor to make life simple for financial planners. 






Uma Kumaravelan, Owner & Financial Planner, Oak Tree Financial Planning

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